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Michael Jordan and Serena Williams Fined for Speaking Their Minds…

Recently Michael Jordan and Serena Williams were fined for speaking their
minds; only difference is one said something positive while the other was
considered verbally abusive.

M. J. was fined $100,000 dollars for giving praise to Andrew Bogut, during
a Australian interview. He was charged because he said these compliments
during the NBA lockout, and no one is allowed to speak to or of anyone.

Serena on the other hand, was charged a mere
$2,000 for verbally abusing a chair umpire. 2,000 out of that 1.4 million
she made just from doing the U.S.Open, is nothing in comparison.

Now… does anyone else find this odd? We live
in America, where things often have double standards. We grow up being
taught that, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at
all. Look what happens, you get charged more for saying right versus wrong.

I understand that as part of the lockout
managers and players are supposed to basically act like neither exist,
and don’t mention them not at any moment, but really? It’s not that
serious.  If someone deserves to be praised or acknowledged for their
achievements then so be it.

Reading into both situations kind of makes me want to go 24 hours just saying rude things to people, just to see what will happen.  I’m not going to though…lol