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Chris Brown Accused of Stealing A Fan’s Phone?!

Chris Brown is in the headlines again, but this time Rihanna’s not apart of the story. Apparently, Brown was accused of stealing and iPhone from a fan outside of a Miami nightclub while partying with rapper Tyga.

Christal Spann, the “victim”, filed a report Sunday with the Miami PD. According to her, Brown snatched her phone out of her hand after she attempted to take his photo while sitting in his Bentley. She alledges Brown took her phone, and yelled:

“B—- you ain’t going to put that on no website.”

and drove off.

At this time, there have been no warrants issued, or arrests made. Hopefully it stays that way, if he his found to be involved, it could mean a violation of his probation…SMH. That’s a shame, people keep messing with that man.  They need to leave Chris Breezy alone, and let him do his own thing…lol

Basketball Wives Season 3…It’s Back!!! (Finally!) Watch the Supertrailer! *Video*

Finally! The new season one of best reality shows ever is back!! The Basketball Wives Season 3 is here, and in Miami! The new season will begin on May 30th on VH1. From the looks of it, Shaunie has her hands full this season! Last season had the best Tea, and more drama than ever! Will Evelyn and Tammi get along? What’s up with Reese, and is she still going to play both sides? Is anybody f*ucking with Suzie at all? Shaunie, you go girl! We love you and this show! Can’t wait to see more! Check out the Supertrailer!

What were your favorite moments from season 2?